About us

GARDEN ANSWERS is the magazine for gardening enthusiasts who want gardening ideas, planting inspiration and friendly expert advice to create a beautiful garden, all year round.

As champions of guilt-free gardening, each issue of Garden Answers is packed with seasonal plants to buy, easy jobs for the month, clever ways to save time and money, beautiful reader gardens to inspire, advice on attracting wildlife and how to grow gourmet fruit and veg in even the smallest plot.

Our team of approachable experts offers solutions to reader problems, helping you identify weeds, pests and diseases and maintain your garden so it always looks its best.

The package is made complete with giveaways hand-picked by the editorial team, fun quizzes, prize competitions, plus reader offers on featured plants.

Garden Answers audited circulation has grown across ten consecutive ABC periods. The magazine is published 13 times a year, including 12 monthly magazines plus a Chelsea Special.