New launches at Chelsea 2019

See the new plants making their debut at Chelsea this year. From a sumptuous regal clematis to ruffled irises and blowsy roses, there’s plenty to tempt you in The Great Pavilion

Lupinus ‘Bishop’s Tipple’ Perky lilac flower spikes with a hint of yellow, borne on strong, stocky stems from early May. Pleated palmate leaves look lovely in dew. Prefers sun and a moist but well-drained soil. H75cm (2ft) S50cm (19in). £8.50 for 9cm pot from Westcountry Lupins 01237 431111; 

Iris ‘Natchez Trace’ Copper-toned bearded iris that’s sure the turn heads at this year’s Chelsea. The darker falls have a soft, satiny feel, while the standards have a decadent, ruffled appearance. Prefers sun or part shade and well-drained soil. H85cm (33in) S30cm (12in). £7.50 for 11cm pot from Todds Botanics 01376 561212;

Rosa ‘Gabriel Oak’ Named after the dignified, hardworking and honest character in Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd. A vigorous rose, bearing large, many-petalled rosette blooms, this variety is very much in the style of the Old Roses. The outer petals of each bloom are a striking shade of deep pink which pale slightly over time, creating a most charming effect. Coupled with a wonderful strong fruity fragrance, this shapely, rounded shrub exudes richness and abundance. H and S1.25cm (4ft). £21.50 bare root; £28 containerised from David Austin Roses 01902 376300;

Rosa ‘Eustacia Vye’ Named after the exotically beautiful but restless heroine of The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy, this an exceedingly pretty shrub rose in soft, glowing apricot-pink. Each bloom is packed with multiple, delicately ruffled petals on red-tinged stems. Strong, fruity fragrance and bushy, upright growth. A very healthy variety. H1.25m (4ft) S90cm (35in). £21.50 bare root; £28 containerised from David Austin Roses 01902 376300;

Salvia ‘Amethyst Lips’ Stunning bicoloured purple-and-white flowered salvia related to the popular red and white salvia ‘Hot Lips’. This reliable shrubby perennial flowers throughout summer from June to October. Prefers a moist but well drained soil in full sun. H1m (3ft 3in) S75cm (29in). £6.50 for 1L pot from Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants 01256 896533;

Digitalis valinii ‘Firebird’ Developed by breeder John Fielding, this exotic-looking beauty is a cross between our own native Digitalis purpurea and the Canary Island foxglove, Digitalis canariensis. Flowers emerge on upright stems from May to October, with a deep apricot undertone and freckles inside the flower throat. Plants are hardy to -5C (xxF) and popular with bees. Performs best in a fertile soil enriched with organic matter, in part shade. H90cm (35in) S50cm (19in). £7.50 for 1L pot from Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants 01256 896533;

Heuchera ‘Cool Dude’ Unusual cool green foliage with silvery-frosting and deeper green veins are joined by tall, large bell-shaped dusky-pink flowers on strong stems in June and August. Easy to grow and mound forming, good for ground cover in full or part shade. Loved by the bees. Bred in the UK by Richard and Vicky Fox, so will stand up to variable British winters. H30cm (12in) S40cm (16in). £7.50 for 1L plant from Plantagogo 01270 820335;

Heuchera ‘Burgundy Bill’ Voluptuous-looking heuchera with eye-catching burgundy-red foliage that glows bright in sunlight. Pretty pure white flowers from June-August show up well against the tall burgundy-red stems and richer foliage. Very easy to grow and loved by bees. Best in sun or part shade in a free draining soil. H30cm (12in) S40cm (16in). £7.50 for 1L plant from Plantagogo 01270 820335;

Dianthus ‘Cherry Burst’ One of a new generation of sweetly perfumed, single-flowered fully hardy pinks that’s perfect for border edges or patio pots, bred by Whetman Plants International. Flowering continuously from May to September ‘Cherry Burst’ has interesting chocolate-coloured buds that open to a deep maroon eye, bleeding out to a lighter pink border over compact grey/green foliage. Plant in sun in any reasonable soil. H30cm (12in) S25cm (10in). £7.50 for 1L from Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants 01256 896533;

Clematis 'Meghan' Bred by New Leaf Plants, dark purply-red clematis ‘Meghan’ joins the royal family of clematis offered by Thorncroft Clematis. The deciduous, large early flowered climber was named and introduced in limited numbers last year to celebrate the royal wedding, but will now enjoy its formal launch at Chelsea. The stunning flowers are produced May to June and again July-September on the current season’s growth. Plant in sun or part shade. Prune Feb/March. H and S1.5m (5ft) £15 from Thorncroft Clematis 01953 850407;

Clematis 'Scented Clem' This enchanting lilac-blue clematis is part of the Sugar Sweet range, and its starry flowers with an almond scent particularly strong at dawn and dusk. Blooms emerge April-May – so it’ll hopefully be in flower at Chelsea! Plants have shown good resistance to clematis wilt and are vigorous, floriferous growers, bred from the species C. cadmia by Ton Hannink from the Netherlands. Plant in sun or part shade. H and Sxxm (8-10ft). £15 from Thorncroft Clematis 01953 850407;