Can you guess the flower?

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This upright winter shrub bears clusters of spidery, fragrant yellow flowers in December and January. Can you tell what it is by completing the jigsaw and looking at the five clues below?

1. It likes a moist, well-drained soil and prefers full sun or part shade... ideal for a woodland edge

2. It will slowly grow to H and S4m (13ft) in time - prune in spring after flowering

3. It's a deciduous shrub and the bright green leaves turn soft yellow before falling, making it a good choice for autumn colour and winter flowers

4. Cultivars include 'Jelena', 'Aphrodite' and 'Diane'

5. The leaves, bark and twigs are used as a homeopathic remedy for diarrhoea, itching, stings and bruises.



Can you guess the flower?

This stunning Christmas plant grows from a massive bulb. Can you guess what it is from the jigsaw?


1. This stunning plant is native to South America and grows from massive bulbs
2. It flowers September-December and will come back year after year. It’s tender though so in the UK has to be grown indoors
3. This cultivar has several flower stems each bearing an exotic stripy red and green trumpet
4. Prefers a bright position on a windowsill out of draughts. Rotate the pot so it won’t lean toward the light


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Can you guess the flower?



1 Flowering from October to the frosts, these are elegant shade-tolerant plants that don’t mind heavy soil as long as it doesn’t get too dry.

2 They come in white and different shades of pink, with a central boss of golden stamens.

3 They reach about H and S1.2m (4ft) with ease

4 They come from Japan and western China.

5 Popular cultivars include the white-flowered ‘Honorine Jobert’






1. Part of the saxifrage family
2. Clump-forming evergreen ground-cover plant with large, upright leathery leaves
3. Sprays of cup-like pink or white flowers are held aloft on reddish stalks in spring.
4. The glossy green leaves can turn red and bronze in autumn in colder areas.
5. Plants prefer a moist but well-drained, humus-rich soil.
6. Popular AGM cultivars include ‘Bressingham White’ and ‘Irish Crimson’.