Jobs for July

Keep on top of late summer borders, containers and hanging baskets by deadheading, watering and weeding.

1. Top up ponds – In warm summer sunshine the water in a pond will evaporate, so keep the water levels topped up. If you can, use collected rainwater, if not let tap water stand for a few hours to allow some of the chemicals to escape.
2. Raise the height on your mower – In dry spells grass can be put under stress and mowing too short can lead to scorched patches. Raise the height on your mower (no lower than 4cm/1 ½in) and leave the grass a little longer.
3. Order spring bulbs – It might seem odd to be thinking about spring but if you want the best selection of bulbs now is the time to get your orders in with specialist bulb suppliers.
4. Last chance to sow biennials – If you didn’t get around to sowing biennials last month you’ve still got time – just! Sow sweet william, Canterbury bells, sweet rocket and foxgloves in the next week or so for flowers next spring and summer.
5. Pinch out cordon tomatoes – To concentrate the energy of cordon tomatoes into fruit production pinch out any side shoots that form.