Make a festive wreath

Make a wreath.jpg
Make a wreath.jpg

Now’s the time to make a festive wreath for the front door, so raid your garden for moss, berries and sprigs of evergreen foliage. Bring them indoors and wire them to a circular frame (either wicker or metal) available from florists’ shops and craft suppliers. Useful foliage includes smaller branches of any conifer (particularly blue ones for a modern look), holly, ivy, euonymus and box.

Red holly, rose hips or cotoneaster berries will add a flash of traditional colour, but also consider orange pyracantha or purple callicarpa berries for variety. As a finishing touch, wire in pine cones, orange slices or baubles from the Christmas tree.

1. Snip off evergreen stems Find lush, attractive conifer stems, other colourful evergreens and berry-laden holly sprigs. Trim the conifer branches into 15cm (6in) pieces with secateurs.

2. Cover your wreath with moss Fix handfuls of moss to a circular wreath frame. Secure the moss with florists’ wire to create a moist cushion on which to secure the conifer and holly sprigs.

3. Hide the moss with conifer sprigs Wire on the conifer sprigs using florists’ wire, then decorate with small cones, holly berries, slices of dried orange and baubles from your Christmas box.

4. Hang the wreath Create a bow from ribbon and fix to the wreath. Attach the wreath to your door with wire or string. Mist the wreath with water to keep the foliage fresh.