Look after roses


Follow these tips for a summer of blooms and fabulous fragrance.

• Snip off fading flowers back to a healthy leaf to encourage more blooms, but don’t deadhead species roses (eg Rosa moyesii, R. canina and R. rugosa) and those that won’t repeat flower, because these will form attractive hips.

• Prune rambling roses straight after flowering to control their spread.

• Apply a liquid rose fertiliser as a foliar feed to boost plants, watering or spraying it onto leaves.

• Remove leaves that show signs of blackspot and pop them in your council green waste bin. Use a fungicide such as Provanto Fungus Fighter Plus (£8.90 for 800ml).

• Squish aphids or blast with water from a hose.

• Look out for rose-balling, where the outer petals have been saturated with water then dried and fused together, preventing the flower from opening. Tease away the outer petals to save the flower.