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Boost your winter flower count this month by planting dainty-looking bulbs, pretty shrubs and perennials that flower in the depths of winter. This issue we bring colour and fragrance to your borders and choose our favourite romantic roses to plant for Valentine’s Day. There’s seasonal inspiration from our three reader gardens, advice on how to choose and grow potatoes, design solutions for a formal front garden and an exciting wildlife feature on sparrowhawks, plus all your favourites!


Celebrate frosted plumes Grasses can provide colour, texture and movement in the winter garden

Be inspired by… a woodland dell, chic storage, plants in flower now, hellebores, RHS Harlow Carr, a soft plants quiz and diary dates for Feb

Boost your winter flower count 
Fill your garden with flowers and fragrance this season. Here’s our pick of shrubs and perennials

Enjoy a cup of colour Cheerful crocuses are a treat, with species that bloom from autumn to spring

Add romance with a rose Valentine’s Day is the perfect 
time to plant one!

Make the most of ophiopogon 
Create a little black magic with 
this dramatic, versatile evergreen. We’ve got four easy planting ideas

What to do this month Plan summer pot displays, prune early clematis and give patio pavers 
an early ‘spring’ clean

Plant a stylish barrel Give a rustic wooden planter a chic new twist with black pansies and silver-green foliage plants. Here’s how

Plant winter treasures in amethyst & gold These opulent February flowers will shrug off snow and ice. Here’s how to create the look

“The garden never stands still” 
Even in winter this spectacular garden is full of colour and drama

“Our woodland haven is full of happy memories” Every plant has a story to tell in this leafy haven

“Green architecture creates interest all year round” Grasses and evergreens help to organise this stylish garden into route-ways, vistas and destinations

Garden to visit With its historic beginnings, vibrant bulbs and hellebores, Mottisfont is a must!

Keep watch for sparrowhawks These sharp-eyed predators sometimes visit gardens – here’s what they’re looking for...

Celebrate spuds! The humble British potato is no great beauty, but it’s easy, reliable and tasty too

Ask Garden Answers Our experts answer your gardening queries

Border rescue Give a tired border a new lease of life by pruning shrubs and adding perennials

Design solutions Formal geometry brings a sense of order to a small front garden

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Buyers’ guide to small greenhouses These compact structures offer cosy conditions for tender plants, cuttings and seedlings

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Snowdrops in the green twinpack 
250 bulbs for just £39.96!

Over to you Readers share their gardening stories and photos to win bird food from the RSPB and a fab new pair of Felco secateurs

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Garden view Gardening wisdom 
is a hard-won thing. Naomi Slade shares some useful advice


Jan 2019 cover.jpg

Boost your winter garden with colourful evergreens – here we explore the many ways they contribute to structure and drama, including grasses, topiary, hedging, and colourful foliage in silver, green and gold. Also this month – how to get ready for frost, make birds welcome with nextboxes, the art of planning your veg patch and winter planting ideas to brighten up the patio.


Celebrate winter magic An icy  dusting of frost creates a light, monochromatic look in the garden, like a sprinkling of stardust in the depths of winter

Be inspired by… A tapestry of  gold, calendars & diaries, bark, plants in flower now, gorgeous galanthus and our lookalikes quiz

Celebrate evergreens Topiary, hedging, grasses and groundcover all give the winter garden much-needed structure

Create woodland drama with wintergreen ferns These feathery unfurling beauties are indispensable for shady corners

Get ready for frost When temperatures dip our gardens 
are transformed by frost. Here’s a rundown of what’s going on

What to do this month Order dahlias, tidy wisteria and make a bean trench

Plant a January basket These dainty blooms will bring flowers and fragrance to your patio

Make a statement with bamboo and euphorbia Create structural interest with dramatic evergreens

Clean and sharpen your secateurs These trusty tools are a gardener’s best friend – but only if they’re sharp

“It’s full of plants for winter interest” This Arts & Crafts garden at York Gate in Leeds offers a treat 
at every turn

“We wanted to create a natural look” Thousands of snowdrops carpet this atmospheric 
woodland idyll in winter

“Pruning is the secret to good structure” Lines are crisp and silhouettes clean in this historic Hertfordshire garden

Garden to visit Tresco Abbey is a unique subtropical paradise

Choose the right nestbox Make life a little easier for garden birds by preparing some guest accommodation for spring

Travel the world with your tastebuds Let 2019 be the year your veg patch embarks on an overseas adventure! Here’s how to plan your crops for next year

Ask Garden Answers Expert answers for your gardening queries

Border Rescue Red cornus stems make a flamboyant statement, but what can you plant with them?

Design Solutions Plan now for a fruit-filled summer garden

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Buyers’ guide to winter gardening jackets Stay warm and dry while you’re gardening this winter

20 free* perennials Put the winter blues behind you with these great-value plants. *Just pay p&p

Must-have flowering evergreens Try these great deals on dwarf azaleas and eriostemon shrubs

Over to you Share your gardening triumphs, tribulations and photos for a chance to win RSPB bird food or Felco secateurs

Puzzles and prizes Enter our crossword and wordsearch to win gardening goodies

Garden view Some plants are really annoying, says our new columnist Pam Richardson


Garden Answers December 2018 cover

This month’s issue is full of festive excitement, from creating your own winter wonderland with plants for colour, shape and texture, to choosing your favourite Christmas gifts for green-fingered friends and family. We explore the colourful world of dogwoods and what to plant with hellebores to brighten up the patio. Plus: we look at the flavour bonus you get when growing heritage fruit & veg, and our new garden design guru creates a winter walk in a small suburban plot.


Celebrate winter sun 
For theatrical planting effects in the garden you can’t beat low-angled December sunlight

Be inspired by… Festive fireworks, firry friends, plants in flower now, diary dates and an ‘easy’ red berry quiz to test your ID skills

Create a winter paradise Use the short days and cool temperatures to focus on plants for shape, texture and colour

Make the most of hellebores 
The elegant white Christmas rose makes a sophisticated partner 
for silver-grey foliage, red berries and mini conifers

Raid the garden for festive decorations These exciting plants offer up some winter magic to raise the spirits this Christmas

Grow dashing dogwoods Stripped of their leaves, cornus take on a vital role in the winter garden
What to do this month It’s time to put in windbreaks, clear out the shed and plant an evergreen

Brighten up bare soil with heather and grasses Partner up reliable evergreens with cyclamen and shrubs for colour and fragrance

“Our garden is full of winter wildlife” Grasses and perennials create a stylish backdrop for this nature-friendly garden

“I love the garden’s sculptural geometry” Inspired by 17th-century Dutch design, this elegant garden offers ideas for year-round structure

“It’s my garden above the clouds” Valley mist and hoar frost transform this garden in the French mountains

Garden to visit With its historic trees, winter walk and listed walled garden, Wallington is a gem

“At last I can be creative” With the pond now taking care of itself, Adrian Thomas shares the progress of his wildlife garden in East Sussex

Grow a delicious Golden Oldie Heritage veg offers us an insight into the flavours of the past

Ask Garden Answers Our experts answer your gardening queries

Border rescue Plant evergreens and grasses in a part-shady border

Design Solutions Yes! It is possible to create a fabulous Winter Walk on a small, suburban scale with this design from our new design guru

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The Ultimate Gardener’s Christmas Gift Guide Treat yourself to some gardening goodies: here’s our pick of green-fingered festive shopping ideas

Camellias for Christmas – Save up to £48 on award-winning cultivars

Festive standard holly trees There’s £10 off and free pots too

Over to you Readers write and share their gardening tales 
and triumphs, with a chance 
to win RSPB bird food and 
Felco secateurs

Puzzles and prizes Enter our crossword for your chance to win goodies from Heathcote & Ivory

Garden view Helen Billiald learns useful lessons from the garden


12 GA Nov2018 Newsstand.jpg


Celebrate leafy layers Combine foliage shape, colour and texture for a multi-layered look

Be inspired by… A symphony in pink, frost-proof pots, plants in flower now, spooky squashes, diary dates and a stripy plant quiz

Discover new ways with autumn colour Fire and ice, parchment 
and pastels, precious metals – the autumn garden is rich in fresh colour combinations just waiting 
to be unleashed

Make room for mahonia These prickly evergreens have bee-friendly flowers that are a precious addition to autumn borders

Savour the season Don’t dread autumn; embrace it! We celebrate November’s sensory pleasures

Gardeners’ Garden 2018 At last 
we can reveal the winners of our Cobra Garden competition 2018

What to do this month Plant a small tree for autumn colour, protect tender plants and pop 
tulip bulbs into pots and borders

Plant blowsy beauties for border chic Mophead hydrangeas and dusky pink sedums make an elegant autumn combination. Create the look in three easy steps

“I love our frothy prairie plants” 
This colourful garden has a light and airy feel thanks to its grasses and easy-care perennials

“It all fades so elegantly in summer” Graceful grasses partner roses and hydrangeas in this stunning garden 

“It’s full of plants for autumn colour” Asters, rudbeckias and hardy chrysanthemums shine in this nursery garden

Garden to visit Biddulph Grange is a masterpiece of Victorian design

Create a garden spa Feathers are a bird’s best asset. Here’s how we can help our avian friends keep their plumage in tip-top condition

Choose a berry to tempt the tastebuds Raspberries are a sweet treat for gourmet growers. Here’s how to plant them 

Grow mushrooms the easy way Discover the safe and simple route to growing fresh oyster, chestnut and shiitake mushrooms at home

Ask the experts Trees for wildlife, tulips for shade and exploding weeds. We solve your garden woes

Border rescue Add colour to an autumn border, using shimmering red and gold plants

Design solutions Smarten up a small plot with topiary and hedging. Here’s an easy knot design for those who love the formal look

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Buyers’ Guide to paving Choose the right slabs for your patio

20 fragrant Oriental lily bulbs Just pay £5.65 postage  

Four duo fruit trees Perfect for any size garden – save £19.99!

Over to you Share your gardening triumphs to win Felco secateurs or an RSPB feeding station

Puzzles and prizes Test your gardening knowledge with our brainteasers

Garden view Helen Billiald gets a bouncy new spaniel


11 GA October2018 Newsstand .jpg


Celebrate begonias These dazzling tender perennials make a dramatic additon to borders and will last until the frosts
Be inspired by… Adorable asters, lustrous leaves, flaming reds and sultry blues, colourful grasses and Japanese maples
Enjoy the drama of seedheads These autumn treasures hold the secret to next year’s new plants
One plant, three ways Team asters with actaea, gypsophila or sedums for a range of atmospheric effects 
Give your garden the Oriental look Bring elegance and tranquillity to the garden with Japan-easy plants
Grow a seasonal chameleon Find out why sedums are the colour-shifters of the autumn garden
What to do this month Clear leaves, revive lawns and lift and divide perennials to make more
Sow your free sweet peas Get a head start on next year’s flowers by overwintering them as seedlings
Plant an easy autumn barrel Celebrate the season by growing bronze plants in a rustic container
Grow flowers to catch the sunshine Plant yellow-flowered rudbeckias with red-berrying hypericum to get autumn off to a flying start
“I fell in love with prairie style” This country garden uses a tapestry of perennials and grasses for natural colour and movement
“I’ve created gardens within a garden” Valley views, formal lawns and adventurous planting add drama in this vibrant garden 
“It’s my garden for all seasons” This elegant garden is a celebration of flowers and foliage for autumn
Garden to visit The former home of Rudyard Kipling, Bateman’s is full of historic flourishes
Create a home for hogs Let’s all do our bit for hedgehogs! Surveys suggest that British gardens are the last refuge for our prickly friends
Grow an orchard on the patio No gourmet garden is complete without an apple tree. Here’s how to buy the right bareroot cultivar
Ask Garden Answers Our experts answer your gardening questions
Border rescue Bring an autumn border to life with pink flowers
Design solutions Mix fruit, flowers and veg to create a stylish potagerSubscribe to Garden Answers Save £19.30 when you subscribe
Buyers’ Guide to decking Choose decking for style and longevity. Here’s what’s good, in wood
Store tools beautifully Save space in a small garden with our pick of the best mini sheds on the market
100 free* allium bulbs worth £19.99 Plus other money-saving plant offers. *Just pay postage
Choose plants for autumn silhouettes Save money on rudbeckia, eryngium and miscanthus, plus alliums
Over to you Readers share their stories and photos, for a chance to win an RSPB feeding station or a  fab pair of Felco secateurs
Puzzles and prizes Win a memory game from Laurence King or a £50 voucher from Hayloft Plants
Garden view Love nature? Helen Billiald has gone organic in a bid to save her garden wildlife


10 GA Sept2018 Newsstand.jpg

Meet the stars of late summer in this month’s Garden Answers. We show you the gorgeous gap-fillers that will keep borders brimming with colour right into autumn, the top 10 grasses to create drama and hardy geraniums for reliable flowers month after month. Turn plastic guttering into a ‘living wall’ and create a sensational September border with dahlias and verbena. Create a frog and toad abode for the garden and start off autumn crops now for months of delicious homegrown produce. 

Celebrate floating flowers Hot pink monardas and echinaceas seem to float among wispy and feathery foliage

Be inspired by… Sunshine yellows, precious metals, plants in flower now, partners for midsummer magic, a seedhead quiz and September dates for your diary

Meet the stars of late summer Keep borders brimming with texture, shape and colour as the season slows. Val Bourne shares her advice on planning ahead

Plant cranesbills for an easy life Hardy geraniums will reward you with flowers for months on end

Create drama with grasses Ornamental grasses are a key component of garden design. Here’s our pick of the best

Celebrate dahlias Dahlia festivals are the ideal time to see these beauties in bloom

What to do this month Tidy the garden, make a leafmould bin and collect attractive seedheads

Make a living wall Plastic guttering offers a cheap but cheerful planter for small succulents. We show how

Create a September sensation Let dazzling dahlias and verbena brighten your borders this month

“We’ve chosen plants from around the world” This quintessentially English garden boasts rare and unusual plants from overseas

“In summer, there’s no place I’d rather be” A creative oasis with a maze, bridge, treehouse and fernery

“We’ve planted our own jungle paradise” Tree ferns, banana plants and palms create a leafy backdrop in this vibrant garden

Garden to visit Easton Walled Gardens in Lincolnshire is full of exciting new ideas

Create a frog & toad abode Find out how to make amphibians feel more at home in your garden, with a pond, damp shade and shelter

Autumn crops to start now Sow leafy greens in September to enjoy three seasons of harvest

Ask Garden Answers Send us your gardening queries and weeding woes; our experts will solve them

Border Rescue Create a sunny hot-themed border with colour-co-ordinated red and purple plants

Design Solutions Use foliage to give your garden a stylish new look

Subscribe to Garden Answers It costs £2.62 per issue when you subscribe by Direct Debit – excellent value, packed with gardening ideas

Buy the right water feature Bring your garden to life with a water feature. Here’s what to look for

Pop goes the colour! Brighten up the patio with colourful planters

36 free* cottage garden perennials *Just pay postage

Half price bulb collection 300 bulbs for just £12.49 plus p&p

Over to you Readers share their gardening triumphs and tribulations to win an RSPB bird feeder or Felco secateurs

Puzzles and prizes Win a stylish Elho rain barrel or £50 Hayloft vouchers in our crossword and wordsearch competitions

Garden view “Bulb shopping is my guilty pleasure,” says Helen Billiald



Garden Answers August 2018 cover.jpg

Our August issue is full of clever planting ideas wherever you garden, with plants for shade and sunshine, clay and sandy soils. Get the jungly look with our top ten exotic-looking plants, or go for a suburban prairie look using grasses, flower spires and daisies to create a tapestry of colour.


Celebrate foliage Create an exciting tropical look by combining plants with a mix of leaf shapes and textures

Be inspired by… Prairie perfection; lilac & lavender accessories; plants in flower now; a fun seaside plant quiz; and diary dates

Choose the right plants for the right place Let your garden dictate what to grow for happier, healthier plants. Follow our easy guide to sun, shade, clay and sand

Get the jungle look Mix in a few  tender exotics among hardy, jungly plants to give your garden a lush and leafy feel. Here’s our top 10

Grow bee-friendly bergamot Monardas are as bright and brash as an exclamation mark in borders.Here are our favourites

Discover gardens with atmosphere Be inspired by the world’s most breathtaking gardens as captured by photographer Claire Takacs

What to do this month Collect seeds, trim back herbs and watch out for vine weevils. Plus sow hardy annuals to get ahead for next year

Plant a jungle fantasy Indulge your sense of adventure by creating a sunny hot border with bold leaves and fiery flowers

“Our garden comes to life in summer” Stunning views and a riot of summer flowers surround Hilltop thatched cottage in Dorset

“I love to keep a natural look” A little natural chaos is encouraged by owner Pam Metcalfe at the Old Black Horse in Tansor

“I’ve got 13 flower beds to fill!” The riverside cottage at Mill Barn is packed with flowers all summer

Garden to visit Scampston Hall Designer Piet Outdolf has created dynamic naturalistic planting schemes within this garden’s ancient walls

Meet the night shift Explore your garden after dark for nocturnal bats, moths and hedgehogs

Enjoy hardy herbs These versatile plants are the unsung heroes of the veg patch

Ask Garden Answers Our experts answer your gardening queries

Border rescue Bring a tropical border to life with foliage plants and hot-coloured flowers

Design Solutions Create a dazzling small-scale prairie by combining swathes of grasses and summer-flowering perennials

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Buyers’ Guide to garden lighting Easy solar and battery units for faff-free, affordable lighting

Put your feet up Our pick of the best new sunloungers

Grow hardy citrus plants Buy any two 5L potted plants for £50 and save £13.98

Enjoy a taste of the tropics Hardy perennials with a jungly look

Over to you Readers share their gardening stories and photos
for chances of prizes to win  

Puzzles and prizes Enter our competitions to win a La Hacienda Firepit and Hayloft Plants voucher

Garden view Ponds and rills create sparkle in a garden – so go on, splash out, urges Helen Billiald


July cover.jpg

Choose the right flowers for a planting palette that will last all year round. We lead you through colour spectrum, revealing reliable plants to compliment existing border schemes. Plus: how to use pink and orange to wow the neighbours; flowers you can grow and eat; how to enjoy nocturnal wildlife; and a Moroccan garden design that uses exotic plants and colourful accessories to pack your plot with Eastern promise.  


Celebrate natural colour Enjoy the sumptuous view at Wildside Nursery in Devon, where designer Keith Wiley is inspired by nature
inspired byoranges and lemons, citrus-bright shopping, plants in flower now, a fun poppy quiz and diary dates
the perfect colour scheme Give borders a colour-coordinated look that lasts all year. Taking each colour in turn, we suggest exciting ways to make it work
Learn to love pink and orange Sock it to the neighbours with an outrageous clashing border. We dare you!
Meet the Queen of the coneflowers Echinaceas are real bee pleasers, ideal for growing among grasses
to do this month Harvest fruit and care for container plants. Its also the perfect time to sow biennials or plant a climber
opposites attract Spice up a sunny corner by planting bold yellows and blues together
Its my own private paradiseColour-coordinated flowers and luxuriant foliage have turned this London garden into a shady haven
I hate looking at bare soil!” Grasses, dahlias and favourite annuals take these colourful beds right through to autumnwith some clever gap filling
There are surprises round every cornerWith its knot garden, Oriental courtyard, woodland and herbaceous borders, this cottage garden is full of intrigue
to visit The late Beth Chatto created her world-renowned gardens in Essex by choosing the right plant for the right place. Here we look at the lovely legacy shes left behind
to know our native wildflowers Grow the best of British in your garden this year
our fabulous annual wildflowers
flowers you can eat Edible blooms make a perfect garnish for salads. Plus: quick brassicas, our deep-fried courgette flower recipe and intercropping explained
Garden Answers Our experts  answer your gardening queries
Rescue Add cohesion and height with plants that echo each others form, in white, blue and silver
Solutions Get the Moroccan look with glossy foliage plants and vibrant, exotic-looking flowers
to Garden Answers Enjoy gardening inspiration all year round for just £2.62 an issue
Colour up your garden Smarten up wood and metalwork with a lick of paint. Heres our buyersguide
FREE* fragrant groundcover phlox worth £19.98... plus other money-saving offers to tempt you! *Just pay £5.65 p&p 
bedding Fill gaps beautifully with these colourful new plants in 2-litre pots
Over to you Readers share their gardening photos and stories to win an RSPB bird feeding station or Felco secateurs
and prizes Enter our competitions to win goodies from Town & Country and Hayloft Plants
view Does social media pressure spoil our joy of gardening? Helen Billiald thinks it might



GA June 2018 Newsstand.jpg

Celebrate cottage style with laidback, flower-rich borders, must-have spires and blowsy blooms for a haze of colour, self seeders and delicious potager crops. This issue we look at the timeless appeal of this classic style, with cottage garden groundcover, a romantic summer border, butterfly plants and the wildlife allies that will help banish aphids for good.


Celebrate Suburban cottage style Forget thatched roofs and picket fences – you can get the cottage look wherever you garden!
Be inspired by… Country colours, wicker that works, what’s in flower now, a purple prince, six of the best for summer fragrance, chives and phlox, frothy flowers and diary dates
Get the cottage look Create flower-rich borders with a laid back look, using cottage garden favourites, self seeders and delicious home-grown edibles
Hide bare soil beautifully Pack the garden with flowers this summer: here’s our top 10 ground-covering plants with a cottage look
Treat yourself to an African lily These flamboyant sun-worshippers will brighten up a sunny, open spot
What to do this month June is time to sow biennials, set up a mowing regime and water more wisely. Here’s our easy guide to fun garden jobs
Hang a cut-and-come-again colander Vintage enamel colanders make attractive hanging baskets for backdoor herbs and salads
Create a romantic summer border Use a palette of palest pastels for this jostling flower-filled border
“All wildlife is welcome here” This plant-packed plot is full of nectar-rich flowers and welcomes all wildlife - even hungry ducks
“It all began with a banana plant” Inspired by Asia and the Orient, this jungly suburban garden looks dazzling in summer

“We love the roses in summer” Fragrant climbers, shrubs and hybrid teas fill this country garden with colour in June
Garden to Visit: Hestercombe These historic gardens in Somerset are a rich reminder of the work of plantswoman Gertrude Jekyll and architect Edwin Lutyens
Meet the aphid assassins These little predators will chomp through masses of green and blackfly… Adrian Thomas sings the praises of our tiniest gardening allies
Grow unbeatable beetroot These rotund roots are such a useful kitchen standby it’s lucky they grow fast! 
Ask Garden Answers Our experts answer your gardening queries

Can you help me get more interest in my shady border? A lacklustre planting scheme enjoys a quick revamp with new perennials and a planting plan
How can I attract more butterflies? This month’s Design Solution uses a mix of food and nectar plants
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Chill out with a chimenea Read our guide to chimeneas, firepits and firebowls before you buy
Relax in style. These smart garden benches are perfect for a sunny patio. Here’s our pick of the best
Add colour with a double-flowered standard lilac Save £10 when you buy this beautiful fragrant small tree from You Garden
Grow pretty pulmonaria These early-flowering perennials from Hayloft Plants are perfect for part-shady sites
Over to you Readers share their tales of triumph and woe in the garden to win an RSPB bird-feeding station and some fab Felco secateurs
Puzzles & prizes with our crossword and wordsearch

Garden view Cut flowers make a home, declares Helen Billiald. So don’t hold back when sowing them!


Chelsea 2018 cover

As flower show season gets under way, don’t miss our Chelsea Special issue! It’s packed with everything you need to create show garden chic at home – the must-have plants, designer sketches, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes photos and shopping ideas to get the luxury look on a budget. PLUS reader gardens and all your favourites!


Celebrate Chelsea Chris Beardshaw’s 2017 show garden used shape, colour and texture
Be inspired by… Chelsea pizzazz, topiary art, new plants, diary dates and our True or False quiz
Sneak preview We’ve picked our favourite show garden designs for 2018 – all packed with plants and ideas to steal
Artisan Garden notebook Take planting inspiration from the smaller Chelsea gardens
Meet the designers’ favourites These star plants are worthy of a gold medal on their own! Val Bourne picks the prettiest
“I’m addicted to Chelsea” Gold medal-winning designer Chris Beardshaw shares his insights
What to do this month Chelsea-inspired pruning and planting tips to give your plot a medal-winning show-garden look
Border planner Create a bed with plants for texture inspired by last year’s Radio 2 Feel Good garden
The search is on to find our Gardeners’ Garden 2018 There’s £2,250 of Cobra equipment to win!
My Chelsea diary Celebrating silver-medal success, Lee Bestall shares his behind-the-scenes pics
“Our garden is full of shade lovers” This romantic woodland garden in Staffordshire is full of colourful views and leafy corners
“I built a folly to celebrate the Millennium” A unique folly takes pride of place in this West Sussex garden, among architectural plants
“It’s a cottage garden in the city” Emma Bridgewater’s factory garden delights visitors from March to October, with cut flowers, rustic plant supports and rare-breed hens
Choose the right plants for pollinators - Bee-friendly flowers aren’t always what they seem. Here’s an easy ID guide to the best plants for our precious pollinators
Pick a piece of Chelsea - Foraging for supper is all the rage in the gourmet vegetable garden
Ask Garden Answers Our experts answer your gardening queries
How can I make my garden sparkle at twilight? Now that summer’s (almost) here, try these design ideas for a garden that comes alive at dusk
Subscribe to Garden Answers - Enjoy your favourite magazine for just £2.62 per issue. It’s packed with seasonal gardening advice, planting combinations and design ideas
Chelsea shopping Get theluxury look in your own garden with these show-garden shopping ideas
10 free pinks & snips Just pay £5.65 postage for these easy-to-grow cottage garden favourites
New & exclusive Chelsea vegetables Discover the first sundried tomato that dries on the vine – just £14.97 for three plants
Over to you Readers share their joys, trials and tribulations in the garden, to win an RSPB bird feeding station or Felco secateurs
Puzzles and prizes A chance to win Bulldog topiary shears and a £50 voucher from Hayloft Plants
Garden view Anyone for blisters and sunburn? Helen Billiald shares her preparations for Chelsea



5 GA MAY2018 Newsagent.jpg

Make the most of a small garden with the May issue of Garden Answers. We bring you design solutions and planting ideas, plus advice on how to avoid the ‘boxy’ look. We advise on how to sort a cluttered pot collection, feed fledgling birds and how to grow beautiful runner beans. Plus there’s a chance to win National Trust goodies in our crossword.


Celebrate formality - Line a path with box balls and purple-blue irises for an opulent display  

Be inspired by… natural elegance, alluring allliums, plants in flower now, super spurges, perfect partners, diary dates and a fun ID quiz to win a fab book on seeds

Get creative with a small garden - Think you’ve outgrown your garden? Think again! Try our clever ideas to revitalise your space, with optical illusions, colour and plants

Think outside the box! Avoid the cramped and boxy look in a small rectangular garden using organic and geometric shapes

Choose the right honeysuckle - From fragrant climbers to shaggy shrubs, find out why we love lonicera

What to do this month - Tie in climbers and sow hardy annuals

Sort your pots - Has your container collection got the upper hand? Try our tips for a clutter-free patio

The search is on to find our Gardeners’ Garden 2018 There’s £2,250 of Cobra equipment to win!

Create a mix & match flower patch - Plant this vibrant mix of cutflowers for a colour clash that works

“We wanted to keep its natural charm” A patch of marshy land in Cheshire has been transformed into a Monet-style water garden

“It’s so tranquil in spring” Acers and rhododendrons create a tranquil Japanese feel in this vibrant riverside plot

“I choose plants for colour and contrast” This cottage garden in Oxfordshire is packed with cheerful tulips and early perennials  

Garden to visit Calke Abbey has a romantic air of faded decadence

Feed your fledglings How can we help our garden birds raise a brood successfully?

Grow beanpole beauties Get best results from runner beans by harvesting them young and fresh

Ask Garden Answers Gardening queries answered by our experts

Border rescue A shrubby border enjoys a colour boost for summer

Design Solutions Water brings a garden to life with movement, sound, reflections and wildlife

Subscribe to Garden Answers - We’ll send you a Bronnley Natural Gardeners’ Therapy gift worth £15  

Buyers’ Guide - Elevate your planting with an easy raised bed kit

Animal magnetism - Bring a bit of character to the garden with these stylish animal ornaments

20 FREE scented oriental lily bulbs – just pay £5.65 p&p. Plus offers on bedding plug plants

Buy 2 get one free on 10 different packs of wildlife-attracting perennial plants, plus postage

Over to you - Readers share their gardening trials and triumphs - and win prizes too

Puzzles and prizes - Enter this month’s competitions to win National Trust goodies and a
£50 voucher for Hayloft Plants

Garden view “The perfect lawn needs a few daisies,” says our columnist Helen Billiald


4 GA April 2018 Newsstand.jpg

Our April issue is dedicated to planning the perfect spring border - using zingy green perennials, colour-coordinated tulips, woodland flowers and fresh new foliage. There are dramatic plants with delicious chocolate names for Easter weekend (!) and a chic new white border scheme to try at home, using bells, trumpets, hearts and star-shaped flowers. Our three reader gardens are full of inspiring planting schemes and design ideas, and there's plenty of low-maintenance design tips in our Design Solutions feature. You can find out how to gain success with sweetcorn and summer squash, and we reveal the secrets of the dawn chorus.


Celebrate April flowers It’s all bulbs, bulbs, bulbs in this pretty kitchen garden at Hergest Croft in Herefordshire
Be inspired by… citrus greens, cheep thrills, what’s in flower now, perfect primulas, tulip ID quiz and diary dates for April
Plan the perfect spring border - Get a head start on April by filling borders with zingy-green perennials, tulips, woodland flowers and fresh new foliage
Plant a chocolate feast - Celebrate Easter with a tongue-in-cheek chocolate-themed border. Here’s our top ten
Meet nature’s little extroverts - Partnered with tulips and forget-me-nots, colourful wallflowers can be the belles of the spring ball
What to do this month - Get hanging baskets off to an early start, overhaul your pond and prick out seedlings. Plus it’s an ideal time to take softwood cuttings  
The Gardeners’ Garden 2018 - Win £1,000 worth of Cobra gardening kit in our competition
Conjure up some white magic - Plant neat clumps of these pure white bulbs and perennials – they’ll gradually spread over time
“My walled garden feels so welcoming” This Hertfordshire garden teams bright spring flowers with structural evergreens
“It’s two gardens in one design” In this front garden in Suffolk a circular design creates two stylish gardens in one
“Spring gives everything a new lease of life” Exuberant tulips create a dazzling display  
Garden to visit - With 40,000 tulips bursting into bloom, this East Sussex garden has a festival feel  
Wake up to the dawn chorus - Enjoy the sound of birds serenading at day break. Here’s a guide to the voices to listen for
Grow the sweetest corn cobs - This lofty crop offers a delicious burst of flavour at mealtimes
Ask Garden Answers - All your gardening questions answered
Border rescue - Flesh out early spring borders with shrubs and foliage plants. Here’s how to do it
Design Solutions - It’s easy to create a low-maintenance plot – just choose the right plants and furnishings
Subscribe to Garden Answers - Receive 13 issues for just £2.62 each – it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a green-fingered mum
Buyers’ Guide to sowing kits - Make light work of spring plant propagation by choosing the right equipment. Here’s what to look for
Get the luxury look for less - Lightweight, affordable planters
Native woodland collections - Snowdrops, aconites and bluebells from £15 with free p&p  
Must-have perennials - 16 value plug plants for £9.99 including postage
Grow flavoursome chuckleberries - 1 bareroot plant for £9.99 + postage
Over to you - Readers share their views, ideas and photos
Puzzles and prizes - Enter our crossword and wordsearch  
Garden view - Helen Billiald shares her passion for pottering


Garden Answers March cover

Create seasonal sparkle this month with the earliest bulbs and shrubs for fragrance. We focus on frost-proof magnolias and how to make a statement with architectural annuals. Boost your garden’s butterfly appeal by catering for caterpillars and colour-up mealtimes with gourmet roots.

Celebrate apple blossom - A tunnel of espaliered apple trees is both pretty and productive
Be inspired by… Ferns unfurling, novelty gnomes, flowers for March, little blue bulbs and our bud-ID quiz
Discover the first signs of spring - As the garden begins to stir, there are plenty of sensory treats to lure you outdoors
Make a colour statement - Annuals are a cheap and easy source of glorious summer colour
Enjoy the real stars of spring - Showy and fragrant, some magnolias are surprisingly frost-resistant. Here’s our pick of the best garden cultivars
Give bedding a new twist - Take planting inspiration from the sweet shop and dessert trolley to inject fresh colour into annual planting schemes
What to do this month - Grow annual climbers, tidy up spring bulbs and order plug plants. Plus there’s still time to move evergreens
Make your own paper pots - These eco-friendly, biodegradable containers are great for sowing seed and won’t cost a penny
Plant a spring sensation - Perennial wallflowers, tiarellas and primulas light up the March garden, jostling beneath a red-stemmed cornus
“It’s full of lovely views” - Naturalised bulbs and woodland flowers transform this English garden in March
“The garden stirs into life in spring” - With its folly, beebole and dovecote, this historic plot is full of drama and flowers
“Our garden is so picturesque” - This elegant garden with spring bulbs and pretty pond looks perfect from every angle
Garden to visit - Hidcote is famous for its yew-framed garden rooms and exuberant planting schemes
Plant for your butterflies... but we can’t enjoy these winged wonders without catering for their caterpillars too. Here’s how
Grow gourmet roots - Root crops come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Here’s how to grow them
Ask Garden Answers - Our expert Geoff Stebbings provides answers to your gardening questions
Border rescue - Bare soil in March presents an opportunity to plant evergreens and spring flowers
Design solutions - Gear up the garden for entertaining outdoors
Save £5 on Nandina ‘Fire Power’ - and offers on pots and daphne plants from YouGarden 
540 extra-value plug plants for £36 *plus p&p! - Fill summer beds and pots with this Suttons offer
200 summer-flowering bulbs for £17.99 – a great-value offer for seasonal colour from Dobies
Over to you - Readers share their gardening stories to win an RSPB feeding station. Plus, send us your photos to win Felco secateurs  
Puzzles and prizes - This month you can win a flower card game from Laurence King, or Hayloft vouchers worth £50, with a 10% discount
Garden view - Helen Billiald’s greenhouse is her refuge… find out why she loves to escape there



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Our February issue is full of planting ideas to take the chill off the garden in winter. We look at the plants that can bring a little  romance, scent and frosted pastel colours, dainty Cyclamen coum and a vibrant border scheme as bright as any rainbow. Our reader gardens are full of structural evergreens and grasses, crocus and snowdrops for inspiration. We've got tips on how to create a bird cafe and how to grow foolproof crops in your gourmet garden.


Celebrate structure Hard landscape and evergreens deliver bold winter interest
Be inspired by… fabulous foliage, a riot of red gardening goodies, new plants for 2018 and diary dates
Create a little romance Tactile plants, heady scent and delicate blooms – there’s no place more romantic than a winter garden
Give them a gift they’ll love Make a romantic gesture with the gift of a beautiful plant
Grow a dainty winter treat Cyclamen coum are among winter’s prettiest tubers. Val Bourne picks the best
Splash out in style A water feature will add sound and movement to any garden
What to do this month Plant hellebores, prune summer clematis and watch out for late frosts. You can even start sowing seeds on a warm, sunny windowsill
Add patio chic with frosted pastels Make a feature of demure winter flowers using these simple yet elegant display ideas
Plant a vibrant winter rainbow Light up your winter with easy dogwoods, a willow and a carpet of early narcissus and scillas
Grow foolproof crops Think veg growing is too hard? Try these easy annual crops from seed
Ask Garden Answers We answer your queries on dividing, repotting, pruning and pests
Border rescue Expert advice on injecting colour into a shady border
Design Solutions A small suntrap is perfect for the Mediterranean look
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Buyers’ Guide to mesh and fleece Protect plants with the right fabric
Free* potato kit worth £24.98 and other great plant offers on acacia, geraniums and summer fruits. *Just pay p&p
Enjoy early colour and scent Three camellias for just £21 (save £15) or two fragrant Daphne mezereum for £20 (save £8)
Holiday offers Exciting trips with money off for GA readers
Free* potato kit worth £24.98 and other great plant offers on acacia, geraniums and summer fruits. *Just pay p&p
Enjoy early colour and scent Three camellias for just £21 (save £15) or two fragrant Daphne mezereum for £20 (save £8)
Holiday offers Exciting trips with money off for GA readers
Over to you Readers share their stories to win an RSPB bird feeding station or Felco secateurs
Puzzles and prizes Win a handy Stayhold Boot Organiser, or £50 of vouchers for Hayloft Plants
Garden view Spring starts on Valentine’s Day, says Helen Billiald.    Find out why she’s an early sower



January 2018 cover

This month’s issue is all about getting maximum flower power in the garden, even in the depths of winter! We reveal the plants to choose for colour and fragrance, ‘scent-sational’ viburnums, the trees that look good naked and how to do your bit for winter wildlife. Plus lots, lots more…

Celebrate frosted forms - Winter frost transforms the garden
Be inspired by... a silver and white container; winter heathers; collectable snowdrops; plants that look good naked; diary dates for January
Fill your garden with winter flowers - Brighten up the new year with a feast of blooms for fragrance and colour
Choose the best winter plants for wildlife - Our top 10 plants that will draw in the birds and bees
Plant a fragrant viburnum - We pick the best species and cultivars for early scent
Take inspiration from the winter garden - Cedric Pollet reveals how the winter garden has evolved
What to do this month - Tend to amaryllis, recycle your Christmas tree and set up a cosy propagator for early sowings
Plant up a pot of vibrant colour - Don’t let your garden fade away this month! Fill a container with bulbs and evergreens
Bring together the best of winter - Give a golden dogwood a glossy evergreen backdrop, then underplant with snowdrops and libertia
“It’s like a theatre set in winter” Bold topiary, hedges and clever design create drama
“Our borders are full of early bulbs” This enchanting garden has bulbs, stems and fragrant shrubs
“It’s got a little bit of everything” Snaking lines of snowdrops give borders an unusual twist
Garden to visit - The winter garden at Polesden Lacey is a dazzling sight in January. We reveal its highlights
Plant a small tree for wildlife - A tree offers seasonal food and shelter for all sorts of creatures. Here’s our pick of the best
Make the most of your veg-growing year - Plan and rotate crops for a delicious 2018 harvest
Ask Garden Answers Our experts help you get the most from your garden – send us your questions!
Border rescue - A tired rockery gets a golden makeover for winter
Design Solutions - Trees create a leafy look that’s perfect if yourgarden lacks privacy
Buyers Guide to greenhouse heaters - Keep tender plants cosy
Wrap up warm for winter - These machine-washable tops are smart, snug and easy to peel off
20 free perennials worth £35.97. Get your summer borders sorted now with this colourful reader offer. *Just pay postage
Winter-flowering shrub collection - Enjoy 50% off when you buy this collection of fragrant classics
Over to you - Readers share their photos and words of wisdom to win an RSPB feeding station or some fab new Felco secateurs
Puzzles and prizes - Enter to win £100-worth of Elho goodies or a £50 Hayloft Plants voucher
Garden View - A weekend of gardening will tighten up those abs promises Helen Billiald

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Enjoy more wow this winter!

This month’s Christmas Special issue is full of planting ideas for the winter season. From exciting evergreens that will keep the garden looking colourful, to heavenly hellebores and plants for a dazzling flash of winter red. We learn the secrets of Britain’s finest winter gardens too: we’ve interviewed the experts at Anglesey Abbey, Bodnant, The Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, RHS Gardens Harlow Carr and Rosemoor to find out how all of us can create more wow in the cold season. There are plenty of green-fingered gift ideas too – from fun stocking fillers to pretty but practical gardening tools. Plus all your favourites!


Celebrate winter fire Flamboyant cornus stems glow against a backdrop of ghostly birches

Be inspired by… Dwarf pines, heathers and grasses; forest green goodies; festive makes from twigs & sprigs; festive flowers; bulb quiz

Get creative with evergreens Make the most of these versatile and colourful winter plants for year-round structure and interest

Learn the secrets of the winter walks Head gardeners share their tips for sensational plantings

Grow heavenly hellebores These winter wonders come in a delectable range of colours

Enjoy a flash of red Use a daub of ruby red in your planting schemes, with flowers, foliage, berries and stems for an upbeat seasonal salvo

What to do this month Bring forced bulbs into the light, grow a houseplant, overhaul your tools and plant a miniature pine

Create a stylish winter garland Use silvery foliage, white flowers and copper-sprayed feathers to makean informal festive wreath

Plant a pretty woodland path Add colour in a moist, shady spot with Cyclamen coum, arum foliage, pink hellebores and ophiopogon

“It’s full of ideas to copy at home” Bodnant’s winter garden is packed with enticing plant combinations for smaller gardens

“There’s hardly ever any bare soil” Early-flowering spring bulbs carpet this sloping garden in Kent  

“Winter light is wonderful” Tree silhouettes, clipped shapes, grasses and frosty seedheads add winter structure in Val Bourne’s garden

Garden to visit: RHS Garden Harlow Carr Winter walk with scented flowers, colourful stems and textured bark

“The garden is still full of surprises!” Now in its third year, Adrian Thomas reports on how his wildlife garden has progressed

Take stock and plan ahead Helen Billiald’s must-have crops for 2018 including torpedo onions, mini mulberries, radishes and rhubarb

Ask Garden Answers This month we answer readers’ queries on climbers, tender plants, trees, shrubs and fruit and veg

Bring Japanese tranquillity to your garden Design tips and tricks for bringing an oriental feel to an empty newbuild garden

Christmas Gift Guide Stocking fillers, wildlife treats, pretty and practical presents for green-fingered friends

Award-winning groundcover collections 15 shade-loving plants for £18, plus colourful cotinus

Festive amaryllis offers – A range of dazzling colours and designs

Over to you Readers’ stories and photos – send us yours for a chance to win an RSPB feeding station and Felco secateurs

Puzzles and prizes Enter our crossword and wordsearch to win pretty pots from Burgon & Ball and a £50 Hayloft Plants voucher

Garden view Plant immigrants have shaped our gardens – Helen Billiald chooses her favourites

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12 GA Nov 2017 newsstand.jpg

This issue is full of colourful planting ideas for the autumn season. We’ve got exciting plants for late-season flowers, vibrant leaves, stems and berries, and fading beauties that age gracefully. There's a special feature on choosing the prettiest penstemons, and a chic patio pot to plant at home, plus all your favourites: Design Solutions, Reader Gardens and Gourmet Grower.


Celebrate the latecomers Sedum, anemones and silver foliage plants keep borders looking bountiful
Be inspired by… Fire & ice, with a spiky agave and flat-topped sedum; shiny zinc accessories; plants #inflowernow; autumn sedums; a bird feeder to make; leafy plant quiz and diary dates
Invest in autumn’s essentials Keep borders looking alive and vibrant with these must-have seasonal plants, from ‘fading beauties’ to attention-seeking hips and berries
Top 10 variegated plants Add colour and interest with these magnificent foliage plants
Keep the flowers coming Cottage-garden penstemons keep blooming to the frosts
What to do this month Establish a mini orchard, cut back climbing roses and plant bareroot shrubs
Plant up a pot of silver and pink Brighten up the patio with this container display in frosty pastels
Tuck up tender plants for winter Protect frost-tender plants with mulch, fleece and bubblewrap
Relax into autumn with asters and grasses Mingle pink and blue flowers with grasses to create a soft, layered effect
“I’ve planted for a succession of colour” This beautiful jewel-themed garden shines in autumn
“The garden looks good every day of the year” This chic, modern oasis has good structure and is full of low-maintenance plants
“We wanted to keep the history alive” This enchanting garden in County Antrim enjoys a fresh flourish of colour in autumn
Garden to visit Knoll Gardens in Dorset is an atmospheric showcase for grasses
Discover finches These colourful birds are special guests at garden feeders. Meet the family members and find out what they love to eat
Get creative with edibles Plan your potager garden now for colourful crops next year
Ask Garden Answers Our experts help you get the best from your garden. This month readers share queries on shrubs, trees and fruit
Border rescue A floppy cottage-garden border enjoys a timely rejig
Design Solutions We transform a modern, overlooked newbuild garden into a jungly oasis
Buyers’ Guide Brighten up the patio with a pressure washer... here’s our pick of the cleaning kit
Make light work of fallen leaves Our round-up of leaf grabbers
60 free* dwarf narcissus bulbs – plus other fab offers on bulbs to plant now. *Just pay postage
Four duo fruit trees Enjoy double the fruit on these specially grafted trees
Over to you A hanging basket imposter, or is it a satellite dish?
Puzzles and prizes Win a fabulous poster book of botanical prints with our prize crossword, or a £50 Hayloft voucher in the wordsearch
Garden view Houseplants are back in vogue so dust off the Swiss cheese plant, says Helen Billiald



Cover Oct 2.jpg

This month we look at how to use autumn plants for a fresh injection of colour in the garden, including a special plant focus on vibrant Japanese maples. There are design and planting ideas for shady places and a stunning border to create using dusky pink and hazy blue flowers. Planning ahead for next spring we reveal our top 10 bulbs to plant now, plus gourmet growing ideas to get your veg patch off to a flying start.

Celebrate simplicity A bold pink-and-green planting scheme makes a chic autumn statement

Be inspired by… rampant beauty, sweet peas, autumn’s pastel pinks, unusual rudbeckias, a pumpkin planter and pink flower spike quiz

Get creative with autumn colour Use nature’s warmest palette to create some dazzling effects

Choose the best spring bulbs - Little treasures to plant in autumn that will brighten up next season’s beds and borders

Meet autumn’s chameleons - Japanese maples bring statuesque beauty to gardens large and small

Choose bright ideas for shady places - Turn a gloomy spot into a relaxing, tranquil retreat

What to do this month - Order bareroot roses, sow hardy annuals, make leafmould and take hardwood cuttings

Savour the season with pink & blue - Enhance autumn’s mellow, misty mornings with a haze of purple perovskia, underplanted with rosy sedums, persicaria and echinacea

Brighten up a shady corner - In this new Border Rescue series we offer planting suggestions to enhance a shady foliage border  

“We’re not afraid of colour” Bold and vibrant flower hues dominate at Gravetye Manor in Sussex

“We wanted a garden for all seasons” At Goltho Gardens in Lincolnshire prairie-style borders create a riot of colour  

“My perennial garden is full of surprises” Grasses and autumn flowers create a relaxed look in this walled Hampshire garden

Garden to visit/The Picton Garden - More than 400 aster cultivars and late-flowering beauties sparkle in autumn

Help wildlife survive the cold - Offer a range of safe hiding places for overwintering insects, birds, amphibians and mammals

Enjoy fresh and aromatic garlic - Plant garlic bulbs now for a head start on next summer’s harvest

Ask Garden Answers - Your questions answered on spring planning and summer flower care

Inject a little seaside style - Design solutions to transform a blank-canvas newbuild garden into a stylish ‘urban beach’ 

Buyers’ Guide to greenhouses - Expand your gardening horizons with a greenhouse. Here’s how to choose the right one for you

Smarten up your feeding station - Handy accessories that make life easier when putting out treats for your garden birds

Three collections of shady plants – buy all three for just £40 and receive free Anemone blanda bulbs

150 free spring-flowering bulbs worth £21.99 (just pay postage)  

Puzzles and prizes - Enter our prize crossword and wordsearch for a chance to win a Hozelock Pico Power Pressure Washer worth £149.99, or a £50 Hayloft voucher

Garden view - Not every plant is born beautiful – Helen Billiald shares her plant ‘hates’





This month’s magazine is full of ideas for keeping late-summer borders full of flowers. We’ve picked out those reliable and repeat-flowering plants that keep on blooming right through to the frosts, plus a few ‘fashionably’ late blooms such as dahlias and heleniums. We’ve got the top 10 plants for glamorous groundcover and how to choose fabulous Japanese anemones for a touch of Oriental elegeance… plus all your favourites!


Celebrate summer daisies Swathes of pink and purple asters are teamed with Verbena bonariensis and vibrant yellow rudbeckia at The Picton Garden, Worcestershire

Be inspired by… Potager pizzazz, jungle drama, plants in flower now, dahlia shapes, a blackboard paint project, ‘dead, diseased or damaged?’ quiz and diary dates

Fill borders with late-summer lovelies Gorgeous September flowering plants that are fashionably late but worth the wait

Grow glamorous groundcover Our pick of the best-looking plants for covering bare soil

Plant some Oriental elegance Japanese anemones bring natural chic into beds and borders

What to do this month Pot up bulbs to force, update containers for autumn, start off hardy annuals and build a bug hotel

Make your own concrete pots They’re perfect for growing succulents indoors and out

Prune your perennials 12 good reasons to give your herbaceous plants a timely chop

Plant a sunny prairie Fluffy-topped grasses provide the perfect foil for dahlia ‘Moonfire’ and tagetes

“It’s cottage style, with a twist” Exotic blooms, palms and bananas transform this pretty Devon cottage garden in late summer

“Gardening with nature is the only way” Diverse habitats and nectar rich flowers in a wildlife-friendly plot

“I always wanted my own woodland” Ferns and shade-loving perennials grace this soothing, leafy woodland glade in Cambridgeshire

Garden to visit Pensthorpe Millennium Garden is a dazzling prairie garden in rural Norfolk

Make the perfect pitstop for wildlife Welcome visiting birds, insects and mammals as they travel through your garden

Grow summer’s easiest soft fruit Our handy guide to planting and pruning sweet and tasty raspberries

Ask Garden Answers Your questions answered on clematis, daffodils and fruit and veg

Gain privacy without losing views Transparent grasses, slatted screens and hedges keep an open outlook

Subscribe to Garden Answers Pay just £2.61 an issue when you take out an annual subscription

Buyers’ Guide to rakes and scarifiers The best products to help revitalise your lawn this autumn

Create a splash Cascades, spouts, fountains and bowls to add sound and movement to your garden

100 free allium bulbs* and other spring-flowering bulb offers. *Just pay £5.65 postage

Gourmet apricot ‘Petit Muscat’ Buy a 1.5m (5ft) potted tree of this prolific cropping, honey-sweet apricot for just £19.99 plus postage

Over to you Gardening stories and prize-winning photos from our readers

Puzzles and prizes There’s a chance to win Heathcote & Ivory goodies and a £50 Hayloft voucher in our monthly crossword and wordsearch

Garden view Helen Billiald offers convincing excuses for avoiding housework in favour of gardening



August 2017 cover.jpg

This month we focus on how to achieve year-round colour in the garden, from planning seasonal plant combinations to buying investment plants that flower for months at a time, choosing evergreen foliage plants for a good winter show and shopping at regular intervals to keep the colour coming. We’ve got the top 10 plants for purple foliage, a gorgeous bee-friendly border in silver and pink, and a stunning design using bold orange as an accent colour… plus all your favourites!

Celebrate a hot spot with fiery-coloured daisies in orange, yellow and red and exotic foliage plants to get a tropical look on a sunny patio

Be inspired by… instant sunshine with dahlias and marigolds boosting the colour tempo, soothing green shopping ideas, dazzling August plants in flower now, a tropical plants quiz and diary dates

Discover the dark side - Add drama with sultry purple-leaved shrubs and perennials

Grow nature’s little sunbeams - Radiant heleniums steal the show as our plant in focus this month

Create harmony with summer flowers - Opt for a soothing symphony of pale violet, blue and purple, or go for a brave, bold blend of mauve and hot pink

What to do this month - Bring dahlias indoors, inject a shot of colour from bargain perennials, cut and dry flowers and seedheads, and take ‘insurance’ softwood cuttings of tender plants

Create a summer sensation - This month’s border planner uses pastel flowers in pink, silver, lilac and white to create a rabbit-resistant, bee-friendly border

“We’ve filled our beds with colour” - In this Welsh cottage garden idyll, slate paths wind round island beds filled with vivid perennials

“We love to garden with nature” - Nature and nurture work hand in hand in this plant-packed paradise in Buckinghamshire

“There’s something in flower every day of the year” - Perennial flowers burst from voluptuous summer borders in this gorgeous north London garden

Garden to visit - Great Dixter has a glorious reputation for adventurous planting and clashing colours. Fergus Garrett shares his insights

Connect with nature this summer - Keep younger family members entertained with these fun wildlife projects

Sow your own stir fry - Pep up mealtimes with fresh and spicy oriental greens. It’s time to sow them now

Ask Garden Answers - Expert advice on hydrangea blooms, stunted sunflowers and pruning wisteria

Design Solutions - Brighten up a dreary back garden with flashes of a bold orange accent colour

Subscribe to Garden Answers - Pay just £2.61 per issue when you subscribe by annual direct debit

Buyers Guide to hedge shears - Choose the best tool for high hedges and topiary shapes

Get painting! - Enjoy our pick of the best garden paints for a colourful new look

Late summer aster and sanguisorba collections - Six plants for £24, saving up to £17.94

Save up to 20% on saffron crocus bulbs - 30 bulbs for £7.99 or 60 for £12.99

Over to You - gardening stories and photos from our readers

Puzzles and prizes - Enter our crossword and wordsearch competitions to win Protek woodstain vouchers or a £50 Hayloft plant voucher

Garden view - Helen Billiald lauds those dependable unsung heroes that deliver flowers by the bucketload