CREATE A WINTER WONDERLAND! We reveal the fragrant shrubs, opulent evergreens, glowing evergolds and stylish evergreys that will keep your garden full of colour and seasonal scent this month.

• Celebrate silhouettes Low-angled winter light reveals the shapes of topiary forms and seedheads

• Be inspired by… silver birch, fiery stems and icy flowers, new plants, a grey and pink berried container and our Dead or dormant? quiz

• Create a winter wonderland Colour your garden with opulent evergreens, glowing evergolds and stylish evergreys

• Dabble in wintry witchcraft Spidery witch hazel flowers herald the new gardening year

• Enjoy seasonal scent Tiny flowering treasures that are packed with winter perfume

• What to do this month Plant up a wintry tree stump, make a standard holly tree, plant a bare-root rose and take hardwood cuttings

Give your secateurs an MOT Blunt blades getting you down? Here’s how to sharpen them

• 35 ways to perk up your winter garden Simple ideas to lift your spirits in the cold season

• Diarmuid’s golden rules of design Our favourite maverick garden designer reveals his secrets

• Create a stylish border full of fragrance Choose a trio of scented winter performers that will brighten up your January garden

• “My palms shrug off Suffolk snow” At Dip on the Hill, architectural palms and evergreen trees add structure to this cottage garden

• “The garden fits in with its landscape” An artist’s garden in Essex, Mill House features bold topiary, fruit trees and a sympathetic colour scheme

• Garden to visit: Dunham Massey Dust off the cobwebs with a walk in the winter garden among carpets of cheerful flowers and fragrant shrubs

• Keep tabs on your garden wildlife Documenting the birds, mammals and amphibians that visit your garden builds up a fascinating picture of how well wildlife is faring

• Plant a foraging hedge Harvest berries and nuts next autumn and plan your 2017 gourmet garden

• Ask Garden Answers How to overwinter chrysanths, stop fruit drop and boost flowers by pruning

Give a small garden the wow factor Use visual tricks and clever planting 

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• Buyers’ Guide to propagators We explore the pros and cons of propagators – from the basic boxes to thermostatically controlled units

• Make a date with your garden 2017 gardening diaries and calendars

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• Over to you Readers’ photos and gardening stories. Keep sending in your #inflowernow pics

• Puzzles and prizes Win a pair of Stewart Garden planters and a £50 Hayloft voucher with our crossword and wordsearch

• Garden view Helen Billiald celebrates the New Year by choosing some nostalgic, fragrant winter plants