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MEET WINTER'S LITTLE TREASURES! Discover the survival secrets of the dainty little woodland bulbs that will shrug off rain, sleet, hail and sub-zero temperatures. They'll flourish in your own garden and naturalise to create a carpet of dazzling flowers under deciduous trees and shrubs - we show you how and where to plant them

Celebrate sparkle - Enjoy the interplay of frost and sunlight on leaves and seedheads

Be inspired by... winter purples, handsome slate, plants in flower now, curious catkins, a white winter basket, pruning quiz and diary dates

Plant a little hedonism Be seduced by daphne’s intoxicating scent and find easy-to-grow cultivars

Enjoy winter bark Ten top trees with tactile bark to add interest to the winter garden

What to do this month Pot up dainty iris, prune summer-flowering shrubs, sow sweet peas and annuals indoors, and deal with molehills in your lawn

Create a desert landscape Plant a dramatic mini desert in a shallow bowl – an ideal arrangement for a sunny windowsill or conservatory

Team plants for winter gold Add extra dazzle to a pairing of mahonia and daffodils with ferns and phormiums

Plant a romantic parterre Design your own knot garden with dramatic box-edged beds for winter structure and form

“It looks great every single day” Ashwood Nurseries owner John Massey’s gives us a tour of his stylish 3 acre garden

“Outdoor rooms give the garden character” The formal garden in Herefordshire is full of attractive views and vistas in winter

“Our crocuses are quite a spectacle” Renowned for its crocus displays, Little Court in Hampshire opens its doors in February

Garden to Visit: Greenway The secret valley garden of Agatha Christie’s home has many treasures to reveal

Wildlife: Celebrate nature’s weird and wonderful - Our gardens are packed with clever creatures with superhuman abilities, says Adrian Thomas

Gourmet Grower: Grow nature’s little extroverts - Flavour seasonal dishes with colourful home-grown chillies. Helen Billiald explains how

Ask Garden Answers Help with  Christmas cyclamen, shrubs, shady spots and containers

Design Solutions: Give a small garden a sophisticated look - Use straight lines and strong shapes to create style in even the smallest garden

Buyers guide to compost Understand the differences between the compost mixes on the market

Take the upper hand Make light wok of weeding an dplanting with these super-smart new hand tools

Garden View Helen Billiald rues the day she allowed her self seeders to get the upper hand