Escape to your very own private desert island this month with our Hot & Tropical garden special. It’s fiilled with gorgeous jungle gardens to inspire you, exotic but hardy planting ideas and expert advice for how to look after these handsome plants over winter.

Add drama with hot border beauties

Grow your own jungly paradise featuring layers of leafy planting, theatrical hardy plants and hot-border perennials such as cannas, daylilies and dahlias.

Plant up some pokers

Rocket-like kniphofias will explode from your summer borders like spectacular fireworks. They come in traffic-light hues of yellow, orange, green and red and there’s one for every site and soil.

Meet the plants that bite back

From pitcher plants to Venus fly traps, carnivorous plants are not as difficult to grow as you might think. Nigel Cooper-Hewitt explains the golden rules of how to keep them thriving. Best of all, they’ll sort out those pesky house flies for you!

Design a jungly oasis

Smaller gardens are the perfect place to create a bold jungly look. We show how to create leafy special effects using ‘hardy allies’ and ‘tender treats’ such as cannas and banana plants, wooden accessories and vivid red flowers.  

Plant a patio prairie

Upcycle an old apple crate with this stylish, drought-resistant container idea. We’ve used a wispy stipa, curly carex and cool blue fescue, alongside a miniature Verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop’

Create an exotic island border

Handsome Ricinus communis will turn heads in any setting, with its dark purple palmate leaves and spiky red sputnik fruits. Here we’ve planted it with rudbeckia and canna lilies for a theatrical border that oozes drama.

PLUS 24 pages of jungly reader gardens: East meets west in a colonial Muswell Hill courtyard; primitive plants create suburban chic; exotic paradise with views of Wembley; leafy sanctuary in Birmingham that’s built on a budget