July cover 2017

This month we’re celebrating the fabulous flowers and foliage of midsummer. We focus on how to partner plants for contrasts of colour, shape and texture and give you planting ideas for exciting transparency effects, lemon-and-lime foliage plants for a cocktail of groundcover and how to choose fiery crocosmia for your garden. We highlight the work of our forgotten pollinators, reveal how to grow a delicious dandelion-relative in the veg patch and how green fingered grown-ups can make space for children in the garden without it looking like an explosion in a plastics factory!


Celebrate summer spires - Delphiniums and romantic roses look fabulous teamed with silver stachys at Wollerton Old Hall

Be inspired by… The buzz of summer borders, rose-themed shopping, hostas and other flowers for now, a fragrant herby basket to plant, diary dates and our quick quiz on grasses

Opposites attract - Create drama in summer borders using contrasting shapes, textures and colours. We show you how to combine them

Create a lighter look - For space and light, graceful see-through plants are perfect

Add some heat with fiery crocosmia - These dazzling flowers will give extra oomph to borders

What to do this month - Make the most of plants by deadheading blooms and propagating strawbs

Make a silver statement - Silver plants have metallic good looks and tactile foliage

Put foliage in the spotlight - Give leaves a starring role in borders with these three exciting planting schemes for pots and borders

Plant a spiky surprise - Team silvery blue foliage with sorbet-pink flowers for this dramatic display

“Our garden looks good all year round” - A suburban plot in Bedfordshire is full of clever ideas and grand views

“I’ve planted a Mediterranean paradise” - Holidays to Italy and Crete inspired this Cornish haven filled with palms and hardy exotics

“It’s a relaxing haven for wildlife” - This tranquil garden in Wales has a laidback look that draws in local wildlife

Garden to visit - Packwood House has a magical topiary garden

Meet the forgotten pollinators - Discover the unsung heroes of pollination: hoverflies, solitary bees and the humble house sparrow 

Enjoy a taste of chicories - These dandelion relatives will add delicious crunch to mealtimes

Ask Garden Answers - Your questions answered on feeding, pruning, weeds, pests and diseases

Make a garden more child friendly - Youngsters needn’t spell disaster for green-fingered grown-ups

Wage war on weeds! Weedkillers can deal a deadly blow to tiresome garden invaders. Here’s how to choose between them

Soak up the sunshine - Invest in a sunlounger to make sure you boost your vitamin D this summer

10 free* scented cottage garden pinks & snips for every reader this month – *just pay £5.65 postage

Clematis and buddleia collection - Save cash on these fabulous butterfly favourites

Over to you - Reader letters and prize-winning photos

Puzzles and prizes - Enter our crossword this month to win a free clematis ‘Taiga’, or try your hand at the wordsearch to win a £50 voucher for Hayloft Plants

Garden view - With green fingers and a heart of steel, Helen Billiald turns cold-blooded tree killer when its shade threatens her veg