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This issue is full of colourful planting ideas for the autumn season. We’ve got exciting plants for late-season flowers, vibrant leaves, stems and berries, and fading beauties that age gracefully. There's a special feature on choosing the prettiest penstemons, and a chic patio pot to plant at home, plus all your favourites: Design Solutions, Reader Gardens and Gourmet Grower.


Celebrate the latecomers Sedum, anemones and silver foliage plants keep borders looking bountiful
Be inspired by… Fire & ice, with a spiky agave and flat-topped sedum; shiny zinc accessories; plants #inflowernow; autumn sedums; a bird feeder to make; leafy plant quiz and diary dates
Invest in autumn’s essentials Keep borders looking alive and vibrant with these must-have seasonal plants, from ‘fading beauties’ to attention-seeking hips and berries
Top 10 variegated plants Add colour and interest with these magnificent foliage plants
Keep the flowers coming Cottage-garden penstemons keep blooming to the frosts
What to do this month Establish a mini orchard, cut back climbing roses and plant bareroot shrubs
Plant up a pot of silver and pink Brighten up the patio with this container display in frosty pastels
Tuck up tender plants for winter Protect frost-tender plants with mulch, fleece and bubblewrap
Relax into autumn with asters and grasses Mingle pink and blue flowers with grasses to create a soft, layered effect
“I’ve planted for a succession of colour” This beautiful jewel-themed garden shines in autumn
“The garden looks good every day of the year” This chic, modern oasis has good structure and is full of low-maintenance plants
“We wanted to keep the history alive” This enchanting garden in County Antrim enjoys a fresh flourish of colour in autumn
Garden to visit Knoll Gardens in Dorset is an atmospheric showcase for grasses
Discover finches These colourful birds are special guests at garden feeders. Meet the family members and find out what they love to eat
Get creative with edibles Plan your potager garden now for colourful crops next year
Ask Garden Answers Our experts help you get the best from your garden. This month readers share queries on shrubs, trees and fruit
Border rescue A floppy cottage-garden border enjoys a timely rejig
Design Solutions We transform a modern, overlooked newbuild garden into a jungly oasis
Buyers’ Guide Brighten up the patio with a pressure washer... here’s our pick of the cleaning kit
Make light work of fallen leaves Our round-up of leaf grabbers
60 free* dwarf narcissus bulbs – plus other fab offers on bulbs to plant now. *Just pay postage
Four duo fruit trees Enjoy double the fruit on these specially grafted trees
Over to you A hanging basket imposter, or is it a satellite dish?
Puzzles and prizes Win a fabulous poster book of botanical prints with our prize crossword, or a £50 Hayloft voucher in the wordsearch
Garden view Houseplants are back in vogue so dust off the Swiss cheese plant, says Helen Billiald