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Boost your winter garden with colourful evergreens – here we explore the many ways they contribute to structure and drama, including grasses, topiary, hedging, and colourful foliage in silver, green and gold. Also this month – how to get ready for frost, make birds welcome with nextboxes, the art of planning your veg patch and winter planting ideas to brighten up the patio.


Celebrate winter magic An icy  dusting of frost creates a light, monochromatic look in the garden, like a sprinkling of stardust in the depths of winter

Be inspired by… A tapestry of  gold, calendars & diaries, bark, plants in flower now, gorgeous galanthus and our lookalikes quiz

Celebrate evergreens Topiary, hedging, grasses and groundcover all give the winter garden much-needed structure

Create woodland drama with wintergreen ferns These feathery unfurling beauties are indispensable for shady corners

Get ready for frost When temperatures dip our gardens 
are transformed by frost. Here’s a rundown of what’s going on

What to do this month Order dahlias, tidy wisteria and make a bean trench

Plant a January basket These dainty blooms will bring flowers and fragrance to your patio

Make a statement with bamboo and euphorbia Create structural interest with dramatic evergreens

Clean and sharpen your secateurs These trusty tools are a gardener’s best friend – but only if they’re sharp

“It’s full of plants for winter interest” This Arts & Crafts garden at York Gate in Leeds offers a treat 
at every turn

“We wanted to create a natural look” Thousands of snowdrops carpet this atmospheric 
woodland idyll in winter

“Pruning is the secret to good structure” Lines are crisp and silhouettes clean in this historic Hertfordshire garden

Garden to visit Tresco Abbey is a unique subtropical paradise

Choose the right nestbox Make life a little easier for garden birds by preparing some guest accommodation for spring

Travel the world with your tastebuds Let 2019 be the year your veg patch embarks on an overseas adventure! Here’s how to plan your crops for next year

Ask Garden Answers Expert answers for your gardening queries

Border Rescue Red cornus stems make a flamboyant statement, but what can you plant with them?

Design Solutions Plan now for a fruit-filled summer garden

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Buyers’ guide to winter gardening jackets Stay warm and dry while you’re gardening this winter

20 free* perennials Put the winter blues behind you with these great-value plants. *Just pay p&p

Must-have flowering evergreens Try these great deals on dwarf azaleas and eriostemon shrubs

Over to you Share your gardening triumphs, tribulations and photos for a chance to win RSPB bird food or Felco secateurs

Puzzles and prizes Enter our crossword and wordsearch to win gardening goodies

Garden view Some plants are really annoying, says our new columnist Pam Richardson