Inside the April issue of Garden Answers

April 22 issue of GA

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In this month’s issue of Garden Answers we are celebrating beautiful blossom. It’s sometimes a short-lived spectacle – the petals falling like confetti in the first strong spring winds – but we can appreciate it all the more for its fleeting beauty. If you want to bring the best of spring’s burgeoning blooms into your own garden, read our guide to growing those true heralds of spring, tulips, in the April issue. We have advice on which spring flowers to combine for fool-proof wow-factor, and gardens full of inspiring spring colour.

Plus, check out our guide to getting creative with simple rustic crates, a design solution for getting the country garden look in a tight spot, and grow-your-own tips from blogger Elaine Fraser-Gausden.

In Japan the cherry blossom season has its own special festival, known as Hanami, which translates as ‘flower-viewing’. If you can find a quite spot beneath a blossom tree on a sunny day this month, we encourage you to stop and drink it in. Blossom doesn’t last for long, but while it does, it will make your heart sing.

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