Inside the August edition of Garden Answers

Inside the August edition

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August is peak holiday season and we have we have fired up this issue with all things hot.

From the sizzling-bright perennials in our feature on late summer colour, to the sultry feature on how to achieve the jungle look, or the fiery and confident hot border we show you how to create, this issue turns up the temperature.

We also go lush and leafy in two surprisingly exotic gardens in Lincolnshire and Lancashire, we have a taste of the Mediterranean in our feature on how to grow lovely lavenders, and a beautiful sunken garden design that will make relaxing in your garden in the evening a joy. All these things will bring a joyful holiday vibe to your garden.

If you’re heading off on an actual holiday this month, don’t forget to water plants well before you leave and move your pots into shade to slow them drying out if it’s warm. But if you’re staying right here at home, we hope this issue ignites a spark for some late summer gardening!

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