Inside the Spring issue of Garden Answers

Spring 22 issue

by Melissa Mabbitt |

Hello! I’m Melissa, the new editor of Garden Answers magazine.

What I love most about gardening is the wonderous diversity of styles and plants to discover. I’ve moved around a lot, and gardened in every region, from wettest Wales to the sunny but super-dry East of England. In the Spring issue of Garden Answers we have similar variety, from the gorgeous displays of tulips at Ulting Wick in Essex (renowned for being drier than Jerusalem), to tips on achieving the lush and leafy look found in the Stream Garden at RHS Garden Rosemoor in Devon.

I love to help wildlife in my garden, so I’ve let some of the lawn grow long, cut through with mown paths, and over the last couple of years it has started to fill out with wildflowers, closely followed by a multitude of grasshoppers and butterflies. Thrillingly, the baby hedgehogs arrived not long after that! So when I read Adrian Thomas’ advice about creating a meadow in the same way, it rang absolutely true. It’s unmissable reading if you’re keen to invite more wildlife into your garden.

Melissa Mabbitt
New editor, Melissa Mabbitt ©Neil Hepworth
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