Make the most of natural treasures

The garden is full of seasonal treats at Christmas. Lingering berries and evergreen leaves, drying seedheads, winter blooms and bare tree stems dripping with lichen are all treasures to be cherished. With a little imagination you can transform them into festive decorations for your home or patio. All you need to do is explore your garden for inspiration.

To make the simple projects in our December issue you’ll need just a few extra supplies. Florists’ tape and oasis, craft wire, nylon filament (fishing line) and glue are useful materials to have to hand. 

If you can’t lay your hands on all the natural materials you need, look further afield. You can find pine cones in parks and gardens, but check that you’re allowed to take them away. Fields and hedgerows will yield wild rosehips, rowan and hawthorn berries. To make the most of these, harvest them early before the birds devour them, and store in a cool garage, shed or your fridge, until you're ready to use them.