Create a winter wonderland




Colour your garden with glossy evergreens, glowing evergolds and stylish evergreys.

By Melissa Mabbitt  


Midwinter brings a breathing space, a chance to stand back and appreciate the ‘bare bones’ of your garden. Blowsy blooms are a distant memory and stately evergreens come to the fore. Without the froth of summer growth, the strong shapes and cool colours of winter plants can be appreciated in full.

Deciduous plants and bare stems are a hallmark of the season, but look closer and you’ll see there’s still plenty of foliage to enjoy. Evergreen shrubs and trees make the biggest statement at this time of year, but the addition of smaller winter-green perennials can create a tapestry of colour that weaves your garden together into a beautiful whole.

Winter’s wealth of green, gold and grey plants can quickly enliven borders. The coldest months also reveal bare ground. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because space between plants can help to define their form and accentuate their architecture. Of course, too much blank space simply begs to be occupied with something new – and it’s the ideal opportunity to introduce plants that can provide a greater winter presence.

You can even plant your new selections now – all you need is a dry winter day when the ground isn’t frozen. In weeks when the weather is milder the new plants will put on a little root growth and settle in, getting ready for their main growing period in spring or summer.

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