Create a spring sensation!

Treat yourself to the best of spring colour, texture, taste and fragrance. This month we focus on the key plants and dramatic combinations that will help create a some ‘wow’ in your March garden.

After winter’s palette of grey and brown, gardeners are craving the first signs of life, colour – anything that gives us a hint that spring is on its way. Despite the fact our spring weather can be fickle, the lengthening days and warming sun make March the month to shake off those winter blues. Everywhere you look leaves are unfurling, buds are bursting and new shoots are poking up above ground. 

To make the most of this spring bounty, fill your garden with early spring flowers that will tempt you outdoors, and position a seat in a spot where it’ll catch those first warm rays of sunshine. Perch with a cuppa and take in the birdsong, the sight of brave early-flying bees,
the smells of the garden waking up, and feel your gardening mojo spring back into life. 

Here we’ve looked at a myriad ways to create the perfect spring garden, using small trees and shrubs underplanted with masses of bulbs and early perennials. Naturalise daffodils and crocuses in grass and plant up containers with ready-grown bulbs and spring bedding from the garden centre. Pop a few stems of forsythia or ribes in a vase to watch the flowers slowly unfurl.


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