Take a bee's eye view of blossom

These nectar-rich flowers will brighten up the garden and draw in the pollinators. Val Bourne picks her top 10 trees and shrubs for spring 

Gardeners can get carried with away with perennials and bulbs when it comes to spring flowers. Yet trees and shrubs offer far more flowers for the nectar-hungry bee. They’re enormously important for scale, shelter and perspective too. Without them, your carpet of spring-flowering plants wouldn’t look half as good! Here we’ve picked trees and shrubs for a modest-sized garden – mostly early flowerers that will give you a head start on blooms.


1 Prunus ‘Chocolate Ice’ (Apr-May)

2 Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ (Mar-Apr)

3 Malus – ‘Harry Baker’ (May)

4 Prunus mume ‘Ben-Chidori’ (Feb-March)

5 Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ (Oct-April)

6 Chaeonomeles superba ‘Crimson & Gold’ (Mar)

7 Cercis chinensis (Mar-April)

8 Stachyurus praecox (Feb-April)

9 Forsythia intermedia (Mar-April)

10 Magnolia stellata (Mar-April)

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