Guess our gardening celebrity anagrams

Can you tell what these anagrams are? They’re all famous gardeners and TV celebrities. No prizes it’s just for fun!

B3KHJ6 liby.jpg

1. Charlatan Smith

2. Gotham offline

3. Donny Tom

4. Locker nail

5. Hort crew prey

6. Fallow ryes

7. Dorothy Prechills

8. Blondy cub kat

9. Crab dishwasher

10. Admire choc milk

11. Heathered clam

12. Monday dove ID

13. Data forms

14. Frustrate Greg

15. Tell judge kerry

16. Greyish farm

17. Wobbly patrician

18. Hypermorph nut

19. Civil valets tweaks

20. RV has AN era